“BULLY” – Tyler Long’s Story

(“Bully” focuses on five young people. I will feature one each day this week. This is part 1 of 5)

The movie “Bully” opens on Friday the Thirteenth, ironic because for many kids, “Bully” depicts the real horror show of their lives. You will not enjoy this movie, but you must go see it. There’s a problem in our country that must be fixed. This movie offers no concrete solutions but it gives you a rare opportunity to see the problem from the perspective of the children.


The movie opens on the father of a young man, Tyler. “I knew he would be victimized at some point in time,” says Tyler’s dad. (Tyler’s story was also featured in a segment on ABC’s 20/20)

Why is that? Is America so cold and predictable that we just know, and tolerate, certain levels of child-on-child abuse?

Tyler's parents

“Tyler was never the most athletic. When he was in P.E., he was always the last one to be chose. Nobody would be on his team, ’cause they said he was a geek and he was a fag, and they said they didn’t wanna play with him.”

I recounted these words about myself in my memoir and judging from the number of emails and letters I’ve received by men of all ages, this is an emotional epidemic. Stop allowing boys to pick their own teams in P.E., okay?! You know who is going to pick whom so go ahead and make those assignments before class. This system, where Coach chooses the two best athletes, and they get pick their teams was designed with one purpose in mind – to identify the gay boys and the other outcasts. (I’m kidding, but it IS an unintended effect of the process). Did I ever get a chance to force the untalented, unintelligent jerks to stand in humiliation while I chose actors for the school play? Okay…actually I sort of got to do that one time. But it wasn’t the same thing. Just stop this, it’s an easy fix.

Tyler’s dad continues. “The last couple of days we had heard that he had his head shoved into a wall locker. Some kids had told him to go hang himself, that he was worthless. And I think he got to the point where enough was enough.

“If there is a heaven, I know Tyler’s there and all I can do is have the faith that I’ll be able to see him again. That’s what I have to live for and I have to live for my other two kids. I have to make their lives as pleasant, and as comfortable and peaceful as I can.”

Tyler Lee Long, April 25, 1992 – October 17, 2009.

“There were numerous times that I had to leave work for situations that arose because of Tyler being bullied. Their attitude was we can’t stop kids from saying bad things.”

The scene is a local news report in Murray County, Georgia, at a meeting involving local school officials. An administrator or other school representative repeats the mantra, “Bullying is a serious problem in America’s schools.” It’s obvious that Tyler’s mom has heard this before because as the man says “in America’s schools,” she overpowers him with her voice, saying “in THIS school.”

Another woman shouts that her boy was missing two or three days of school a week because a gang of five boys threatened to beat him up.

“Kids will be kids, boys will be boys, they’re just cruel at this age,” says Tyler’s dad in an exhausted voice, repeating the words he’s no doubt heard hundreds of times.

You see an administrator who does that annoying thing people do where she asks her own question, then answers it. “The perception that the school is a haven for bullies is just not true. Do we have some bullying problems? I’m sure we do. All school systems do. Is it a major over-arching concern in our high school? No it is not.” Are you an incompetent bureaucrat who should lose her job? You betcha!


Tyler’s parents organize a town hall-style meeting of parents and kids. They invite local school officials to attend but none are present. A local pastor recounts a horrifying story. Some of the church kids told him that the morning after Tyler killed himself by hanging, kids went to school the next day with ropes around their necks. “Why in God’s name would you not do something? How come the bullies are not responsible for the death of this precious child?” the pastor asks, drawing applause from the crowd at the town hall meeting.

A woman brings up the issue of the internet and cell phones, how they become tools in the hands of bullies.

Tyler’s mom interrupts a school resource officer, reporting how an officer in the school had refused to take any action when Tyler reported bullying the year before.

Here’s the part that made me choke up more than any other in the whole film: A boy says, “I’ve been dealing with it for four years and I finally got tired of it. I just went off on the kid because I couldn’t stand it anymore… I’ve been to my mom, my grandparents the principal, all for the past three years and they haven’t done anything about it. It’s a shame for Tyler to do what he done for people to notice what’s going on in the schools in Murray County. It’s a shame that he had to do this for anybody to notice it. ”

“I will go to my grave until a difference is made,” says Tyler’s dad, and you know he means it.

(“Bully” opens nationwide in theaters this Friday. Check back tomorrow for part 2 of 5 – Ja’Meya Jackson’s story)

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  1. maolesen Says:

    I really want to see this movie but don’t know if I can take it. I suspect that I am going to be taken to a lot of horrible nightmares from my past.

    I completely identify with that part that made you choke up. I was that child 30 years ago. I am not going to relate all of the incidents, but I will give one characteristic example.

    I remember being in a hallway that was constructed of cinder blocks. I was grabbed, shoved up against the wall by a couple of boys and one of them grabbed my shoulders and repeatedly pulled them forward and pushed them back. The net effect of this motion was the back of my skull being snapped back and forth like it was on the end of a whip and being bashed against the wall.

    I don’t remember how many times this continued, all I can remember is my vision beginning to darken in a way that was like falling down a well and looking up a the sky receding into the distance into a smaller and smaller point of light.

    I can’t remember much more that happened immediately after that, other than the nausea, however I do recall seeing stars for a couple of days. I’m pretty certain in hindsight I sustained a pretty severe concussion.

    This was at the hands of my peers at a Chrisitian school. Other things were done to me that were equally as bad or worse.

    This is such an important topic and movie and I really want to see it but I am so afraid of the demons buried deep in some of my memories. What if I stir some of them up by watching it that have long since been forgotten? I am not sure if I can handle those memories emotionally.

    • Rich Merritt Says:

      Thanks for sharing this. It’s a tough call; catharsis often involves going to dark places. Only you can tell if you’re ready. This is a moving experience and perhaps it will help you to know that something is finally being done about this problem.

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  5. Larry Gist Says:

    I have been trying to decide whether or not to see this movie also. I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana about 45 miles due north of Indianapolis. My parents divorced when I was 6, and I was surrounded by a cadre of no non-sense women my whole life. I learned to be like that, always tell it like is, don’t sugar coat it and make sure people know how you feel. In a boy who was always tall and husky with a booming voice that was a recipe for disaster.

    On my first day of 5th grade was when the trouble started. I was not a great student, and always full of questions and my mind would wander off topic. The other kids didn’t like that, not to mention the teacher. I remember how Mrs. Bauer would make these snide little comments always stopping just short of calling me stupid. The other kids were all from a rich neighborhood not far from the school, but me and my friend Robbie were not. We were dirt poor kids from working class families. One of the girls in my class was the daughter of the President of the Coca-Cola bottling plant in town,

    The boys in class started teasing me about my mannerisms. Based on who was raising me I didn’t see anything wrong with them. A nick-name was made up for me: “Gay Guy Gist” and it stuck, the boy who created it was Keith Engle, and I worshipped him. He was tall, red haired, green eyed and a beautiful boy. He hurt me so badly, and to this day has no idea he did.

    My mom moved in the middle of the school year and I went to another school. Things were better there because most of the kids there we just like me and I fit in much better. The rest of 5th grade was toleralbe, except for one boy. He was friends with one of the boys from the other school. All I can remember about him is that his name was Wes and he was cruel. He used to follow me home and throw rocks and pieces of glass at me. Once I decided to take a different route home and he still followed me but this time he must have been really mad at me becuase he started to get physical, he pushed me down and started kicking me. Through some kind of divine intervention, this all took place in front of a house of a girl that used to babysit me, she was married now and she and her husband lived there. I will never forget this, she opened her fron door and said “Do you want to come into my house?” Wes stopped beating me as soon as he saw Jodie and he took off. I was bloddy and bruised and crying my eyes out. Jodie took me inside and cleaned me off and calmed me down. All I kept saying was “Why? Why does he want to beat me so badly?” and Jodie said to me “Because you are different than he is and differences make some people angry.” I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now.

    The move to middle school was a day I dreaded. It meant that I would be reunited with the kids from the first school, and probably have a whole host of new bullies from 7th and 8th grade. I was not disappointed. Although I did make friends I made far more enemies. Wes, Keith and his buddy Chuck Conkle. P.E. class was torturous. I was an “early developer” in that I was getting my secondary sex characteristics early. i was teased for being the only boy wtih hair down there. My nickname from the other school soon found its way to Lafayette Park. As I look back on those years, I am amazed that I never tried to kill myself. There were days that I would rather have been dead than walk to that school again.

    I am not sure what the answer is to this problem, but I think it needs to begin in early childhood education. Children need to be taught at an early age to value all people and the differences among them. I know some parents are worried about “taching the homosexual agenda” to their children. But what is wrong with an agenda of tolerance? Yes I may not agree with who or what you are, but I recognize that you are a human being with as much right to happy in your own skin as I am in mine. Although you are different in a way that makes me uncomfortable, I will leave you to it, and do my own thing too. That is what children need to be taught, at home and at school.

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  8. Jaime Says:

    I for one will not see this movie it would be too painful for me to relieve!

    MY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You always here about the kids that are being bullied in school! Or killing themselves because they can’t take it in school any more!! What about hearing the story of a true survivor that is blessed that he has more days on this great earth of ours to tell their story! My Name is Jaime Vermeulen and I about to be turning 40 in June! I was not only bullied all my school days from elementary to High School to where I was forced out of my High School 2 months before graduating my senior year, because my High School officials that I tried to turn to for help kept telling me to grow a pair and act like a man! Everybody I turned to in school kept turning their backs on me and I wish I had the help of some official, or a stun gun but no body ever came to my defense and because of that I was robbed of actually graduating with my Senior Class and not being able to get my High School diploma. (I was even forced out of my own home town in late 1990’s for being gay and that’s another great story when I was forced out and moved to live in Pittsburgh Pa) Then to top all that off I was even bullied by my own father for being gay and not wanting to get dirty and help him work on cars when I was younger! And my father’s side of the family I have not talked to in over 22 years because I am gay! Hell in 2003 at my own Grandfather’s funeral that I went to, (to pay my respects to a great man who loved me for me) in front of the whole family that was there and I’m talking well over 60 people in attendance 2 of my father’s brothers actually said in a loud clear voice “Why Don’t you leave you cock sucking faggit”. At my grandfather’s funeral. And being the oldest grandchild of my father’s side of the family and being ousted for just being gay I was robbed of what could have been great memories of new cousin’s coming into the family when they were born and getting to know them! I send a card each year to my father’s mother for Christmas but no reply’s back! I seen her once in 2008 and that was the last I heard from her too. I have tried to contact many of them on face book by adding them as a friend but they have only accepted my mother and my brother, So I have to go on my mother’s page to even see any pictures of them) I have been gay bashed 3 times in my life once from High School kids I went to High School with and 2 former Landlords. I took on a major company in Pittsburgh Pa called Wholey’s Fish Market for firing me for being gay ( I couldn’t talk about it but now that the person who actually did the firing of me is now dead I can talk) and won all my back wages. I took on 4 other companies while living in Pittsburgh and in each case it was for either they fired me for being gay or I filed against them for throwing words at me for being gay and each case I won. Sometimes money which I donated to the Animal Shelters or just a written letter of apology. I have also survived death more times then I can count in my early to mid teens I was taken to the hospital for dehydration and almost died if not for my Mother and her mother (my grandmother) You see then too my father was thinking I was playing sick to get out of going to school. In 2002 while working I thought I was just getting sick so just rested around my Pittsburgh home at the time! Then I just couldn’t catch my breathe for the longest time ended up in the hospital and give 6 months to live with PCP Double Pneumonia. Doctors even told my family that when the put a tube down my throat it is going to be critical because I can either die or come out of it! But they won’t know until 48 hours! But, my will is much much stronger than that I only lasted with a tube down my throat 24 hours and was breathing on my own without assistance. In 2002 doctors ran blood work on my and then diagnosed me with a chronic illness. When my family doctor back home where I was raised heard all that was going on with me he told my Grandmother and Mother , I give him 6 months. that was in 2002 now we are in 2012 and heading into my 10 year of out living the 6 month sentence. I know I have a reason here still, for my story of survival to get out and help others! To let others know they are not alone! I live for vacations for I get to see new things I have never seen before and love life! I don’t work at the time after taking almost 7 pills daily to keep me here and going extreme fatigue always sets in on me! But I keep going! To pass my time I collect autographed pictures to which I own over 1,000 pictures that was sent to me by the greatest stars in Hollywood from Hope to George Burns to Danny Thomas, Dean Martin, Elizabeth Taylor! From Singers, Actors, Actresses, Newscasters, Dancers like Gene Kelly and Ann Miller. I also pass the time with my Lucy Desi Website with one of the largest collections of never before seen photos of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and the cast of I Love Lucy! http://www.ilovelucy.ning.com. I have been even transferring them all to face book on 7 pages I have created on face book myself. Just type in Lucille Ball Arnaz Morton and you’ll see what I am talking about that page belongs to me! Some ask why do I do it why Do I collect mostly Lucy because growing up gay Lucy was my idol that got me through the toughest times in my life with the power of Laughter! And I want her Legacy to live on! So, I live now in a home with a partner of 10 years, with our darling daughter Gizmo. I have battled with bullies in school from Elementary to High School, to even being bullied by my father and his side of the family! I have survived 3 gay bashes where one actually would have killed me the one from High School Kids ( I have pics of that too) I have taken on 5 Companies in Pittsburgh Pa for gay rights and won each time! I have survived a death sentence 4 times the last with PCP Double Pneumonia and have lived from 6 months to 10 long years. And All though I take 7 pills 3 for my Chronic Illness , 1 for my High Blood Pressure , 1 for High Cholesterol and still have bouts of Diverticulitis and have a pill for acid reflux at night. I can not wait to see what GOD throws at me next because I am not ready to go any where with a lot more to see and do as well as get my story out there! GOD tried in 2007 to have me leave through Clinical Depression when my Grandmother (Mother’s Mother) died in the home My partner John and I bought for her to move in with us! She died in our home in 2007! But I have been truly blessed by a loving mother and her mother and sister (my grandmother and aunt) a nephew and niece. A Partner of 10 loyal years who is 19 years older than me! And to have own a home at age 34 (which a lot of my old school bullies can’t even say that much ) and meet some of the greatest people in my eyes are my idols from Dolly to Shirley Jones , Ruta Lee to Carole Cook (still want to meet Kaye Ballard and Betty White though) to actually keep in touch with Vivian Vance’s Sister and Lucy’s family thru my many trips to Jamestown NY. I am truly a blessed individual who has out lived death sentences, Being bullied all my life (from School to my own father’s side of the family), gay bashed 3 times and fought for gay rights in Pittsburgh Pa. I will go on because I am not made to break and I want to see what other states in the great USA has to show me and teach me!

    BEAVER, PA 15009

  9. Jet Mast Says:

    I was once bullied by a boy named eric and he was annoying so I stabbed him with a pencil. He couldn’t defend himself so he let me hurt him

    • Aeleem romero Says:

      Wow but isnt that like bullying him?.. Because you were hitting him. Pretty. Much being like a bully your self..

  10. TGW Says:

    Very well said and I totally agree that tolerance of differences in individuals should be taught not only in the schools but first it should be taught at home. My eldest daughter was victimized at a parochial school from first through eighth grade. Both my sister and I had experienced bullying in the public schools. Mine was physical abuse. The first bully was a girl that was taller than me from sixth through eighth grade. By eighth grade I was about the same height and by the end of the year I finally fought back in the locker room for PE. I emerged without a scratch and she followed behind out of sorts. The second attack happened in my freshman year of HS. It was a boy with two tough girls. They heated pennies with a lighter and threw them at my neck during study hall in the auditorium. Teachers watched but did nothing. After he punched me in the head and called me a filthy word I had enough( my parents were divorced but my father had taken me aside and taught me how to defend myself), I stood up handed my books to my friend and punched him in the neck and chest till he crumbled to the floor. I was shocked at myself and started to cry because it had come to this. I went straight to the office and asked to speak with the principle. He was a good person and appreciated my honesty. He brought them all in and we chatted in the conference room. He told them this was not tolerated and allowed me to pick their punishment. I was fair and chose a two week in school suspension with their parents notified by the school of their behavior. It was total validation and vindication for me. I always said that the way the principle handled it was beautiful. He allowed me not to feel victimized again, gave me back my honor and pride( He told me the fact that I had been so upright and honest with him also helped my plight.) which allowed me to feel justice was served. From that day on-rumors flew around the school that I was not to be messed with. Finally I was left alone! Does my story and countless others make it okay to bully? Absolutely not! I taught both of my children from toddlers to adulthood to live and let live, not to sit in judgement of others because they were different and chose a different lifestyle. Both my husband and I have been approached by other faculty members and shook our hands with compliments on the behavior of our son. My eldest daughter who was bullied went through emotional bullying which is far worse. It was headed by a girl whose mother had money and brandished it. This girl was a product of her home environment as well as the school tolerating her behavior with zero tolerance of her victims that would tell her to knock it off-only to get in trouble by the teachers. She would act with tears and turn the tables on them. I chased her and her gang in the school once after watching a verbal assault on my daughter as she waited to be picked up. I didn’t care who saw or watched but ripped all three of them a new butt hole( it blew me away because one of the girls was the daughter of a teacher they taught my child’s class). I called all the parents and told them I would take it to court along with the diosese and alert the papers about the bullying problem in the school. This was thirteen years ago and bullying was and still is a sick and twisted epidemic in our society today. My daughter finished that school with a bang. During a school musical the girl went after my daughter in the changing room, my daughter gave her as good she got. Then she saw the nun ( she was the only nun on staff at this school) behind them. The bully pretended to cry and the nun said nothing to her but told my daughter she was proud that she stood up to this girl. Sad to say but again my daughter was never touched by them. No one should have to prove themselves to anyone in order to be excepted. My daughter was picked on because she refused to be a part of their nasty group. So they ostracized her mentally. Trust me moving forward I had some issues with her anger in her late teens and early twenties. I had long talks with her and went for a short period of counseling. Since taking psych in college and being a nursing student now, she has a better understanding of herself and people around her. I sent her a thank you card this past mothers day (she treated both my mother and I to a brunch). I said “The greatest gift from you is that you live your life well-without harm to yourself or to others. So far it’s an A+.

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  12. Brian Wolf Says:

    This type of story really pisses me off. Why weren’t those bullies held accountable for their CRIMES? The last time I looked, shoving somebody’s head into a locker is considered an ASSAULT. Threatening to beat somebody up at school is also a criminal offense. The assault, harassment, and terroristic threats should’ve immediately been reported to the police. Maybe if those bullies were arrested, that poor kid wouldn’t have killed himself.

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  14. Angelica Masangcay Says:

    I am 11 years old . And I saw the movie with my whole school . We felt really sad because the principal diddnt do nothing and accused the victim of bullying being just like the bully . Seriously , a hand shake would stop a bully from not bullying again ? Noo . Shcool intendents need to stop this . I have been bullied . After we saw tes movie BULLY . Our whole class talked about it and my teacher asked all of us if we ever got bullied . They want to keep us safe from being hurt , but sumetimes they act all plastic and say there gonna do something about it . The next day we talked more about it and my whole class cried just because 1 , only one person got bullied . We care for our friends , they’re bot just our friends , or classmates . They’re our family . We’re really sorry . I hope we can help . At our school we’re making posters for bullying . 🙂 we’re also sending letters to the other victims in BULLY . KELBY AND ALEX . 🙂

    • Rich Merritt Says:

      Thank you for your very kind comment. How wonderful of you to send notes to the people in the movie. Sincerely, Rich

  15. fred Says:

    I’ve seen the program bully. Its making me aggressive. Have been bullied to. My line is get up stand up and bash some faces.

  16. Deanna Martini Says:

    I wish my old High school made us watch this. its a huge in my state. Plus my old school lets the bullies off. its would have been fun seeing the reaction to my old teachers faces and deans

  17. Bob Says:

    I want to help. My email is timetostopbullies@gmail.com

  18. Chesley Says:

    My 13 year old daughter tried to hang herself 4 months ago because of bullying. Thank God the belt broke! It has opened my eyes to a world I never wanted to see; and I am not happy at all with the “adults” in charge! Most bullying does happen on the bus and I would love to see monitors doing ride alongs(and would volunteer myself) but that infringes on the children’s rights….but being mentally tortured somehow doesn’t??? I think this movie should be mandatory in school and a zero policy should just be that…not just something to chant at a pep rally! Adults need to stand behind it no matter what. My heart goes out to those parents who have list their precious children; I thank God everyday for giving me a second chance with mine!

  19. Derek Says:

    I think it was a very sad and inspiring film the people who pushed him to commit suicide

  20. Jillian Says:

    I work in a Jr High and i work with kids who have disabilities and i see this type of stuff every day. It breaks my heart. Bullying happens everywhere on the bus, in the hallways, though social media and phones the list goes on and on… Watching this film is something I believe should be shown to all students across the world. Though this tragity someone has gotten to much courage to tell tjos story and for thay it makes me glad to know that you havemade a documentary to raise awareness to tell this story.

  21. Sandra Says:

    Sad to know such a thing still happening … Please count me in whenever there is a rally in Orange County ca.. Sorry for your loss ..

  22. Nicoletta Karakasili Says:

    I am 29 years old, mother of two angels, my son almost 3 years and my baby girl 9 months old, and I simply cannot imagine what those parents are going through. I live in Athens,Greece. It scares me that I come to realize that the things we are watching in the teenage american movies are simply the truth. Bullying is a reality in Greece already. I can’t believe it because when I was 13-14 we didn’t know that word, we didn’t know what it means.Fights at school were not so often and there was always a particular reason(boys 99% over sports) and I remember talking about the fight for a few days.The “bad guys” in our school were kids that always make noise in the classroom, skip classroom early and have a cigarette behind the school building.And they were 4-5 individuals that everybody knew them by name.In my husbands school they were more fights but still nothing can be compared to what this film is about.We don’t have prom, we don’t vote for Queens and Kings,we vote for president but it has nothing to do with the outside, the look.We don’t have the terms popular and loser or regions among kids.Everybody is equal.I sometimes had disagreements with classmates but the next period everything was forgotten most times.I never been bullied ,I mean for a long time 3 boys called me “psonio” greek word for conceited but it never bothered me because it was because I didn’t date anyone of them.They never got it far and we never stoped being friends and they helped me when I needed them.So no I never been bullied and I never ever ever said anything not even close to get someone hurt.So bullying and haunting down mentally a person no matter where he/she hides until there’s nothing left of, is something that shocks me.
    But over the past few years things have changed a lot.Local newspaper in my hometown Pyrgos,a couple of years ago: ” Two 15-year old girls ended up to the hospital after beating up each other over misunderstanding” Several months later a 16-year old boy living near by, stops me (car driving) to give him a lift and I see his eye black and totaly closed! he told me that 15 students from other school came up to him and beat him up over rumors someone else spread that he had said about them.I was in denial.No way this is happening.
    So two days ago my husband e-mails me from work a research in greek schools and an informing campaign about bullying and cyberbullying in greek schools and teachers talking about the problem.It is happening. I read “3 students made another to set fire to a trash can, forced him to get in and then threatened him not to say a word”thank God he’s ok …sort of.
    I’ve learned about bullying years ago when I heard about Tyler Clementi,I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it.But this time I did a little research,found out about most of the other kids.I saw the movie today. The best movie by far.I think every kid MUST see it but most of all EVERY PARENT. In my opinion it starts and it ends at home.You have responsibility of your kid being a bully, of your kid feeling cold about creating human pain,of your kid, whom actions lead a schoolmate-a kid who sees everyday at school for heaven’s sake!- to take his own life and don’t feel bad about it…It almost stopped my heart when pastor said about those children with the ropes the very next day.Who can be that cruel?Who can be that heartless?What did that boy ever done to them?Why do those children hate so much?Why are they so angry?Where are their parents?No matter how many sites I visit to be informed I can get no answer to those questions.

    I wake up every morning and look at my children’s little faces and I ask myself If I can protect them enough,if I can get them a better future and a safe inviroment and I don’t know.What I know is that me and my husband will do anything in our power to teach them to respect,love and stand by all people.This is our biggest obligation to them.

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    • tara Says:

      i saw the movie its sad

  24. Janice Dewey Says:

    This is so tragic and sad! The school principal and any teacher or bus driver should be held accountable for this kind of bull. Especially the principal in this film, she was incompetent and should be fired. What does it take that poor boy hurting himself for her to wake up! Those poor kids. This film was heartbreaking to watch and made me feel so helpless! More important it made me feel so angry at all the adults that did nothing! To the principal…SHAME ON YOU! You are ignorant and should be fired on the spot and when you people that turned away and didn’t help these kids, when you all look in the mirror at night, and see yourself, ask yourself, how many children were hurt or hurt themselves because of you doing nothing. When I was talking to the principal where my kids went to school, he was a bully himself, as he walked at me until I moved backwards out through his door when he didn’t like what I was saying! I had to have my ex husband come back with me to handle this man. He was very different when my ex was done with him. How can we teach children to not bully when we put people in charge that are bullies!!! Principals, teachers, bus drivers, all staff should be held accountable! Anything I can do I am here! Let me know! I am so sorry for you loss!

  25. psalms 91 Says:

    i cant stop crying after watching this as a mother of 3 kids were the hell are the parents of these kids that are abouseing these kids my prayers go out for the long family those kids have the blood of that boys life on there
    hands every dog has there day wee need to pray for are schools n teachers god bless the familys n this movie and may god bless them

  26. psalms 91 Says:

    i wish i could take the pain of what these
    feel idc if there need to be new laws past there must be change
    how can kids be so heartless n rotten

  27. Brooke. Says:

    This makes me choke up and bawl.. I understand what Tyler went through.. People on Facebook that I don’t even know make fun of me .. Say that I’m ugly, fat, useless, worthless, fake, loser, no one likes me, and I don’t know if I can take anymore of it ..

  28. Brooke. Says:

    This made me choke up and bawl.. I know EXACTLY what Tyler went through . Wanna know my story? Well here it is.. People on Facebook make fun of me. They said I’m ugly,fat, useless, worthless, whore, slut, I don’t have Any friends, loser, emo, stupid.. I just don’t know if I can take this anymore ..

    • Jacquie Says:

      I’m sure you’re not any of those things. When people bully it’s like a need to put people down so they can feel a little better about themselves, so they try to think of the ugliest things to say to someone…… but it is not the truth! feel free to email me if you’d like its jroush711@gmail.com

  29. ayan Says:

    This story is soo sad.If only i knew him i would help ! If this happened to anybody i know , i woudnt go to the office and tell , Id take my fist and punch the bullies right in the face.I think sombody needs to go up to them and knock those bullies out.Thoses bullies need a little violence and woop ass to get the message that the shit they do hurts alot.

    • Jacquie Says:

      I feel like more often than not, bullies are abused mentally or physically at home first. I feel like this does two important things in helping to create bullies 1) it makes them angry, violent people and 2) it makes them think its alright to treat people this way……… with that being said I completly understand where your coming from. It also makes me very upset to think that these kids could treat him this way……. he looks like he was nice kid and his parents seem to be nice people as well.

  30. Jacquie Says:

    I think it’s amazing when people are able to take their tragedy and share in hopes of making a difference. Tylers parents are heros.

  31. natalie phillips Says:

    ok i get bullied at school.My little brother got jumped and bullied thats missed up i have thought of killing myself but i have a litle brother her.

  32. Annabelle Sanchez Says:

    I loved that movie!! Watched it in Netflix! Best movie made!! (:

  33. Ian Dotson Says:

    I saw the news story. Did anyone notice the superintendent smirk slightly when she was talking? A kid killed himself and this bitch has the audacity to make light of it. Those people (and I use that term loosely) are unreal.

  34. Matthew Rumsey Says:

    In the third grade, there was this really annoying kid hanging over my shoulders and bullying me, and I punched him in the face. and my dad was proud of me, regardless of the trouble i got in at school. Then this week, my younger brother (third grade) stood up for my other younger brother (second grade), and got in trouble. I think that is ridiculous, that he gets in trouble for stand up for his younger brother, and simply pushing a kid away.Schools need to get some sense knocked into them, instead of spoiling the bad kids, by putting the good ones in trouble, just because the bully wants his way.

    P.S. i am in seventh grade now

  35. Jamie Says:

    All bullies as I have found out are just cowards. They are the people with the problems not their victims. Yes they may treat you like crap but it is not forever.

    Tyler’s story brought a tear to my eye as I myself have mild Asperger Syndrome. If I were at his school I would have stuck up for him against these pricks. Just because he was different and hard working they saw that as a threat to themselves.

    Most bullies are jealous or just want to impress their friends but what goes
    around comes around. I have seen what some of these old bullies look like now, and they all look like crap or have been in and out of prison.

    RIP Tyler my thoughts to his parents.

  36. tename arnold Says:

    First I want to say, my heart goes out to the Long family. My grandson is getting picked on at school. They boy has been suspended and he continues to keep picking on him. My grandson will not tell anyone what they boy is doing. They teacher will ask him and all he says, he don’t remember. now it’s getting to the point the boy is telling him he is going to f***** kill him. thanks for everything

  37. Stephanie Pena Says:

    Today my friend came devastated that her little girl had been bullied by 4 other girls do to burning 3 degree burn scars on her face in her hand has been going on for a minute teachers will not do anything about it now school is trying to move her into a new classroom which is only for Spanish children she does not speak the language look at this out trying to find help to find out what we can do about this

  38. FRANCISCA Says:

    Hola soy de chile y lamentablemente es algo que sucede en todas partes y hay que detenerlo no puede suceder más .
    Todos somos actores en nuestra sociedad y no podemos permitir que esto suceda una y otra vez a niños y niñas.
    Hay que detenerlo.!

  39. Melissa Toyos Betances Says:

    Hi! I just saw your story on TV and it breaks my heart to see things like this happen in our world. A little boy so cute and brilliant like Tyler didn’t deserve that injustice. I live in Dominican Republic and that kind of behavior is not so common here, but still when I saw the video it felt like it was my own child.
    There is something I want to tell you, I heard you say that you are living to only see your son again and that you’re not sure where he is right now. I cannot imagine how hard this loss has been for you and your family, but there is a big hope that is real and that we are waiting for anxiously: Everyone that has died being loyal will come to life again in a paradise on Earth! Tyler will be reunited with you very soon! This is what the Bible teach us, it also explains what happens to us when we die, where do we go? And so many other questions. I’m sure the answers will give you peace and hope to continue fighting through life without your lovely son. You can find these answers in this webpage: http://www.jw.org. Also, Jehovah’s witnesses from your area will be happy to help you and your family learn more about what the Bible says about death. Just request a free visit on our site. I’m very sorry for all that has happened to you and very touched with your story.

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